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Sonia Grace.
Sonia Grace


Sonia Grace is a Kenyan singer/songwriter, rapper and producer. She creates happy songs that make people want to get up and dance, such as: “IG Love,” “Bring It On,” and “Eva’s Man.” In addition to music, she’s also an actor who’s appeared in a Ford Escape commercial, earned a BA in Theater Arts and is represented by Avant Artists.

A master at blending Afro-pop, hiphop, pop and R&B, Grace uses English, Swahili and her native language, Gĩkũyũ, to create catchy, bouncy melodies and brutally honest rap lyrics.

In “Eva’s Man,” she dreams of having a modern-day romance that includes some aspects of traditional values.

This was the first collaboration with New York producer and composer, Flip My Beatz. Soon after, they released “Bring It On,” a dance anthem encouraging any love-shy person to step out of their comfort zone and let their crush know how they feel.

When “Bring It On” landed on a Spotify editorial playlist, the duo was eager to keep the momentum going by releasing a follow up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Grace was forced to spend almost three weeks in bed after catching the Omicron variant. While her symptoms were excruciating, they never got severe enough to be hospitalized, thanks to being fully vaccinated.

As soon as she got a negative COVID test, Grace jumped into the studio to record “IG Love.” Also produced by Flip My Beatz, the song asks couples to examine whether their relationships are genuine or just “IG Love.” It was appropriately released on Valentine’s Day weekend and has appeared on several curator playlists and a few indie stations.

Grace submitted a live performance of “IG Love” to NPR’s annual Tiny Desk Contest and created a dance challenge on Tik Tok and Instagram, titled #iglovedancechallenge. The moves are inspired by traditional African dance, belly dance and hip hop but are simple enough for everyone to participate, regardless of experience level. That means all you need to do is go on the “Discover” page on Tik Tok or the “Search” page on Instagram and type “IG Love Sonia Grace.” Then click the sound/audio tab to use the sound. Record your video and tag it #iglovedancechallenge. Happy dancing!

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