Wanna be a radio presenter????

New generation of innovative Radio Station being launched…Various Genres. Interactive. Unique… seeks enthusiastic, unique and new radio presenters.

* Love music
* Know you’re particular Genre(s)
* Willing to take that chance
* Age unimportant
* Gender unimportant
* Existing career… unimportant

How to get started.

1) Send a short resume about you, about why, about your music, your passion… in LESS than 250 words.

2) A recording: <1 minute intro… chosen track… <2min after talk… Use imagination, but with how you wish to come across if it was your show… the real you. Not looking for recording studio quality, just clarity.

Full induction and guidance for selected candidates.

What are you waiting for…. get In!!!!!!!!

email to: hello@smileradio.online