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Formed in 2017, Learn to Lie are a 3-piece alt-rock band that combine complex rhythms and grooving riffs with clean, powerful vocals to create a distinctive, genre-blending sound.

Established within the Midlands circuit, Learn to Lie pride themselves on energetic and dynamic live performances and accessible songs that sit between rock and pop.

Autumn 2021 Learn to Lie went though a line up change, with Courtney Hurcombe taking over as lead vocalist!

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19th March 2022 Single ‘Smile’ is about being forced to put on a happy front. Inside you could be really enjoying yourself but there will always be that one person asking “Why aren’t you smiling?”

Alternatively, it could be that you’re having a bad day but there will always be that one person saying to “put on a smile” and carry on. It seems that our society wants us to put on a happy front all of the time. Far too often we are told to mask our true feelings with a smile to “put on a brave face”.

Smile shows the thought process of being told to “put on a show” for the world and carrying on but in the end accepting that it doesn’t change how you feel, just prolongs your emotions.

You don’t have to smile to be happy. You don’t have to smile to hide your sadness


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