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Smile Radio’s Song of the week – ‘Still Feel The Rain’ by Eric Eracleous’ – 23rd to 30th October 2022

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Smile Radio’s Song of the Week, with a new track selected and played across all shows for an entire week, every week! 

Eric Eracleous - 'Still Feel the Rain''

First born son of Greek Cypriot immigrants and heavily influenced by the music of the day both Greek and English. I guess it was when I first experienced Rock n Roll guitar and Bouzouki ( Greek mandolin ) screaming through a Fender twin reverb amp that hooked me as a child. Music from both cultures played an important part of my youth. It gave us our identity.

I got involved in bands in my early 20’s and had the honour of being asked to front a few. Several gigs and many years later, and with all those melodies going round in my head I decided to put pen to paper and started writing my own songs.

I found that only in song writing could I really express myself. It’s like a vessel for me that speaks truth from somewhere deep inside. When I write I try to write songs that I hope people can relate too. Pooling on my experiences in life’s hardships love and heartbreak.

My vision? A soulful bilingual fusion of blues and Latin grooves that feed the spirt and nourish the soul.

Written by: Derek

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