Michael Chipperfield


Hey dudes/dudettes, thought I would give you a little insight into who I am.
My name is Michael Chipperfield, but anyone who knows me calls me ‘Chippy’.A 28 years young drummer in a heavy metal band called ‘Buried By My Heartache‘.

Spalding in Lincolnshire [My hometown] is where you will find me, where I regularly visit ‘Heroes Gym'[Glenn to insert link] to give the old/young chest and arms a good workout .

Ever since my early childhood I have adored music, it is my life, my comfort, my coping mechanism. It is what keeps me going day in,day out.

You see guys, I suffer with my mental health on a daily basis, but my music helps me get through even on the toughest/darkest of days. Like I said earlier I love all types of music but my go to genre, my one true love is and always will be…. Heavy Metal!

So dudes/dudettes, you can catch me, ‘Chippy’s Rock Show’ here on Smile Radio every Wednesday evening 8.00pm-11.00pm. Where I can spread the love for great music to all you lovely people. Let’s rock on together!!




This is a music video for Hypnotised by Buried By My Heartache from the Debut EP Heart Shaped Grenades – Warning possible flashing Images

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