Derek Pountney

Derek Pountney


My passion and enthusiasm for music transcends genre, but my roots are in Rock & Metal.

Involved with music since my early teens and even venturing into writing and performing in original bands, cover acts, music retail and music education, my pursuit of all things music is still going strong today.

Music is such an important part of our daily lives, sometimes without us knowing it and its benefits are many.
I am proactive and engaged in new music and eager to support independent & unsigned artists from multiple genres & backgrounds – Rock, Metal, Funk, Blues and anything else as long as it has integrity, feel & groove!

This pursuit and love for Music has led me to starting my networking Facebook group –Creators barn, which has given members an opportunity to reach a broader audience for their craft via radio airtime, interviews and collaborations.

I have recently had articles published in an independent online publication, with a view of more in the future. These articles are all music based, looking at a variety of topics from Music History to the effects of music on society & Metal Health.

I create my music for use on broadcasts and future podcasts, as well as just for fun.

Future Plans

Produce & delivery quality radio shows and getting back into writing & performing live is a big priority for me.

I have just started working on an instructional Guitar/Theory book and am also eager to pursue the world of Music related Apps for mobile devices.

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