Dawn Ambler



Hi Lovely Smile Listeners, my name is Dawn Ambler, and I live, along with my gorgeous family, in the East Midlands, where life can get quite busy.

My working career has included sales, social care, education and now owing my own business. If nothing else……I love a challenge and in the words of S Club 7 ‘Reach for the stars!’


So…… ‘Why?’… I hear you ask, ‘become a radio presenter?’ The simple answer being…… Music! I just love it!! From listening to it to singing along with it…. music is in my bones. And what better way of sharing my passion than to be able to choose some fantastic tracks right from the 60’s through to the hits of tomorrow and present them on Smile Radio!

I am so looking forward to you joining me here, every Sunday 2-4pm for ‘Snuggle on the Sofa’ … with me Dawn.

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