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The Unchained Show with Derek 7-9pm Friday 27th May 2022 Featured Artist – Devil’s Dice

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This week, featuring Birmingham based band – Devil’s Dice


Devil's Dice

Forged in the Hard Rock / Heavy Metal heartland of Birmingham, England; Devil’s Dice deliver big riffs, melodic twin lead guitars, soaring vocals and catchy choruses that evoke memories of the greats of the genre, but with a delivery and style all their own.


Devil’s Dice are influenced by and aim to match the work of Judas Priest, Accept, Thin Lizzy and Saxon to name just a few; lofty standards indeed, but one listen through the debut album ‘Libertarian’ and you will hear this is no mere tribute to traditional metal; elements of the aforementioned bands shine through, but at the same time Devil’s Dice don’t sound specifically like any of them, creating their own unique character and sound which is distinctly modern Classic Rock & Heavy Metal.

Check out Devil’s Dice info, Music & Merch from the links below!

 1. War Of Attrition

2. Confessor

3. Martyrs In Crime

4. Red Light Rage

5. The Hellion/Electric Eye (Judas Priest Cover) EP Physical copy only.


  1. Feed the Flames
  2. Passive Resistance
  3. I Walk Alone
  4. Forbidden Memory
  5. Libertarian
  6. Chameleon (Right About You)
  7. Hour of the Wolf
  8. Destiny Calling
  9. Hangin’ On Too Long
  10. The Grudge
  11. Matter of Faith

Written by: Derek

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