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2 hours of mixed Music, usually with a theme – genre, decade, facts & history, instrument focus, pioneers & game changers.

A dedicated slot featuring new artists & bands, gig updates and announcements across this show and the station.

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WEAK13 - 'Ashes In Autumn'

WEAK13 is an award winning British band based in Black Country & Birmingham. Featuring Nick J Townsend (vocalist & guitarist), Wesley Smith (bass player) Drums John Stewart (2020-), Justin James (2017-19), Neel Paramar (2010-16). The debut studio album ‘They Live’ was finally released late 2015 and re-released on all major streaming services including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon in 2017. The music is inspired by world events, corrupt media, 80’s Video Nasties & British comics, Underground music,  the Grunge & 90’s music scene and real life. Each song is a different story. All guitars on recordings are played using strange dark low-tunings. WEAK13 is any style the band wants to be; every form of music in it’s rawest form.

There is a song for everyone. Nick J. Townsend is the longest official member of WEAK13, bassist and writing partner Wesley Smith has worked with Townsend since 2010. Justin James & John Stewart feature as drummer on the forthcoming album Aluminium. WEAK13 was originally founded in 1999 by Nick J.Townsend in Kidderminster, United Kingdom. Before 2009 numerous musicians played live in WEAK13. The band relaunched in the Black Country in 2010 and artistic direction and responsibility became shared between Wesley Smith and Nick J Townsend.


British 3-man low-tuned grunge punk metal terror from Birmingham & the Black Country. Debut album ‘They Live’ and future releases available from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer. WEAK13 is any genre style it wants to be using rock overtone.

The debut WEAK13 studio album ‘They Live’ (2017) and their forthcoming double album ‘Aluminum’ set currently for a Summer 2022 release.


Left Hand Man - 'How do we make things Better'

The real turning point in the evolution of Left Hand Man came with the posing of a question, “Do you want to keep it as a simple acoustic recording, or shall we throw the kitchen sink at it?” Chris Smith (guitars/producer) had been helping Marc Plant (vocals) develop song ideas he had been working on since departing his previous band and the kitchen sink meant experimenting with a full range of sounds and recording techniques.

The next few months saw an ‘anything goes’ approach to writing and recording, combining a wide range of influences, from riff laden alternative rock to stripped back acoustic folk.

Nic Burrows (drums/producer) was added to the line up and his heavy hitting/fluent style gave further texture to the sound and saw the ‘First World Problems’ EP released in August 2015 and Bass player Ben Wade was added for the band’s 2nd and well received album, ‘Strange Creations’ . To help promote the album to live audiences, Dave Cotterill (Guitar) from Marc’s previous band, came on board. The new group of musicians gelled quickly and immediately began work on what would become the band’s upcoming 3rd album “Mission:Transmission”

‘An elaborate tapestry of prowling blues rock, loose-limbed indie and elastic soul’ Root and Branches Review

‘The band seem to be able to turn their hands to anything with a great deal of success. The musicianship and creativity throughout the album helps stand them apart’ Spin Magazine

‘Album of the month left hands down! There’s so much musical genius here that I just need to get to the point. Left Hand Man should be considered just as musically credible as bands like Radiohead and Muse because of this album’ Ryan’s Gig Guide

New Album ‘Mission Transmission’ is out now!

WREX - 'Paradise'

Formed in early 2020 out of a mutual love for music and lust for life, WREX announced themselves in May 2021, and have since released 5 singles that have already held airtime on the likes of Kerrang! Radio, Planet Rock, BBC Sussex & Surrey (Introducing) and KISS FM (remix).

The band produces everything from home with producer George Donoghue (River Becomes Ocean, The Rocket Dolls) at the helm.

For their last single Sleepless, WREX took their blue-collar work ethic to a new level, pushing their boundaries of DIY creation; taking on set design and build, prosthetics, and more for their music video.

ABOUT THE SONG – Paradise:

 Paradise is for those who have, or want, to take back control of their lives. Being in any kind of toxic relationship will take its toll, being told who and what you are, so often that you start to believe it yourself. This song fights the urge to keep the relationship together, whilst knowing that it sure as hell ain’t good! Love/hate at its finest.

WHO: WREX – Mae Seaton (vocals) & George Donoghue (guitar, bass, vocals, drums, production).

WHERE: Brighton, UK.

 FUTURE PLANS: Our debut EP; Paradise will be out on 29/07/2022, featuring 2 singles to be released over the coming months, as well as a further 2 tracks to come out with the EP.

Live shows are finally in the works! Being a duo, it makes it a little tricky figuring out who does what on stage, but luckily we’ve managed to rope in a few very talented musicians to play with us, so gigs will be on the cards later this year!

GIGS: Keep your eyes peeled!

Smokin' Eskimo - 'English Meadow'

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Written by: Derek

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