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2 hours of mixed Music, usually with a theme – genre, decade, facts & history, instrument focus, pioneers & game changers.

A dedicated slot featuring new artists & bands, gig updates and announcements across this show and the station.

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Tyrannosaurus Nebulous - 'Get Some'

New single out 15th July 2022

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous are a four-piece hard rock band from Stourbridge in the Black Country, UK. Their sound is crafted around classic 70’s hard rock. With listeners comparing them to a diverse range of classic rock bands such as AC\DC, Alice In Chains, Budgie and Thin Lizzy.
The present line-up formed in 2014 and released the ‘Deal With My Evil’ EP in 2016. Recorded at Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton with acclaimed producer Gavin Monaghan, mastered by David Mitson (Alice In Chains, Michael Jackson, etc.) with artwork by illustrator Bill Hauser.
Having enjoyed previous success working with Producer Gavin Monaghan the band started working on their debut album ‘Tyrant Lizard King’ in 2017 at Magic Garden Studios. The recording mixing and mastering process was completed just prior to the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, and the album was put on ice waiting for the music scene to rise once again.
Rock music is timeless, the album mixes traditional hard rock songs with a dystopian sci-fi quadrilogy that starts with ‘Magnetar’ and ends with the ‘TLK’ trilogy.
The hard rock element of the album draws on a period of personal turmoil within the band, drawing on anger, heartbreak and personal loss.
The artwork and Sci-fi themes outlined on the 2016 EP have been expanded on to create a dystopian universe where a battle rages between man and extra-terrestrial forces of evil. Man’s only hope is to resurrect its greatest killing machine, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, modified with the best of modern killing and time travel technology.
The album ‘Tyrant Lizard King’ was released in March 2022 to glowing reviews and has elevated the bands standing in the NWOCR (New Wave of Classic Rock) scene.
 Quote about Get Some:
Get Some explores the theme of having to do something mundane that really doesn’t fulfil your life. If you want to escape from the mundane and break the norm you have to work for it. In search of a new dream, better things, getting some. Starts with a classic dirty old school blues riff. Cool catchy riffs with loads of lead guitar breaks and an epic breakdown in the middle. – Matt Darby.

Emma Scott – Plugginbaby

Deaf Ben - 'Leave Me Here'

Leave Me Here is the 3rd single from Deaf Ben & out now.

The duo are based in two locations across the Atlantic. Stourbridge in England and Los Angeles, California. They write, perform and record everything themselves between two home studios. The result has been electric. 

Anti-Clone - 'Human'

Originally formed in 2011, Anti-Clone have come a long way since the Axe and Cleaver in Boston.
The nu-metal/ industrial juggernaut released their debut EP ‘Hands Sewn Together’ in 2014 to critical acclaim, garnering reviews in magazines such as Big Cheese and Terrorizer.
Produced by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, Machine Head), his wealth of experience with some the world’s best-known metal bands was invaluable in shaping the fledgling band’s sound.
On the back of this release they went on a full European tour with Ragga metal titans Skindred, exciting audiences from France to Poland and everywhere in between.
Anti-Clone followed up 2014’s ‘Hands Sewn Together’ with 2016’s ‘The Root of Man’, again produced by Hyde. The general reception of the album was fantastic, with a 4K review from Kerrang! and a 7/10 from Metal Hammer, among many, many more.
The success of this album saw Anti-Clone joining such acts as Mushroomhead, Hacktivist, Bleed From Within, and Dope, as well as playing at the 2016 edition of Bloodstock festival, 2017’s inaugural HRH Metal, Amplified Festival, and a headline slot at one of the stages at MacMillanfest.
2017 also saw the band embark on their debut headline, exciting audiences all over the UK.
Major line-up changes saw the band undergo a period of hibernation from 2018 onwards. However, Anti-Clone are very much back in the saddle now with 2022’s comeback release ‘Human’.
Produced by David Radahd-Jones at RED Studios in Manchester, his attention to detail led to the honing and refining of what the band wanted to accomplish in this new phase of its existence.
This release sees the band explore a new more melodic sound, while retaining the cutting edge that established them in the first place. Get ready to experience the new Anti-Clone, and the new world order.

Quote: Human – An anthem rooted in the horror of what it means to be human. Its intention is to hold a mirror to humanity (or lack of) and explore just how far we’ve fallen in the sense that we fetishise war, and that we hold guns and gods above basic human rights, decency and life. Every time you turn on the TV, or read the news,  you are greeted by the same bleak reality be it the war in Ukraine, or the most recent school shootings in the United States. Human is a case study into the psyche of the human race and how we can learn to be better” – CLΩNE
Band members, instruments played:
Peter “CLΩNE” Moore – Vox
Drew “ALPHA” Moore – Drums
William “26” Richardson – Guitar
Pat “KAKES” Godinho – Bass

Emma Scott – Plugginbaby

The Jujubes - 'The Last Thing'

One vocal, one blues harp and two guitars are what makes The Jujubes authentic yet unique blues sound.

Sandy, Nikki and Pete make up the trio based in South East London via Scotland, Nottingham and Hackney.

Born out of a passion to keep this genre alive, The Jujubes on their debut album have chosen eight songs from childhood memories of discovering the blues and three originals, recorded in their living room.

​With only the desire to create something that felt right and felt good, The Jujubes hope that listening to this album will remind you of the Willie Dixon quote “The Blues are the roots and the other musics are the fruits”.

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Written by: Derek

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