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The Unchained Show – Featured Artist – WEAK13

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Featured track – (Sittin’ on) The Dock Of The Bay

Musicians performing on ‘(Sittin’ on) The Dock Of The Bay’:

Vocals & Guitar: Nick J Townsend

Bass Guitar: Wesley Smith

Drums: John Stewart

Engineered by John Stewart

Mastering by Zac Zikis

WEAK13 is an award winning British band based in Black Country & Birmingham.  The debut studio album ‘They Live’ (2015), re-released on all major streaming services including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon in 2017. The music is inspired by world events, corrupt media, 80’s Video Nasties & British comics, Underground music,  the Grunge & 90’s music scene and real life. Each song is a different story.

WEAK13 is any style the band wants to be; every form of music in it’s rawest form. There is a song for everyone. Nick J. Townsend is the longest official member of WEAK13, bassist and writing partner Wesley Smith has worked with Townsend since 2010. Justin James & John Stewart feature as drummer on the forthcoming album Aluminium.

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Written by: Derek

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