New Artist Showcase

The New Artist Showcase 6-7pm Tuesday 6th September 2022

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An entire hour dedicated to showcasing Music from  brand new and established independent artists and bands. Original and covers from both in the UK and Internationally.

An opportunity for one of your tracks to be  Smile Radio’s ‘Track of the Week’ with your track played across multiple shows for an entire week!

To feature on this or any other show on Smile Radio, simply get in touch via the emails below:


Cosmo Blue

Sydney based Cosmo Blue can be described as an amalgamation of everything from Violent Femmes-ish rhythms to early U.K. 80’s punk. Their live set contains lashings of indie jive and pop-punk throughout the Cure-esque melodies sung with a Nick Cave swagger.


Cosmo Blue’s message is always simple and direct, but that doesn’t matter when the execution is this compelling. Each player is fluent in the other’s pace and style, complimenting one another with ease. Their rhythms have the ability to move smoothly from straight on-the-beat strikes to tentatively skirting around the pulse, providing the overall sound with a manic and unpredictable edge that is constantly anticipating and building towards the next phrase.


The band’s latest single, ‘Take Hold of the Night’ is a snapshot into the teenage years, when driving your friends to McDonalds after an insane house party; followed by crashing hungover on your friends couch, was your entire world. The song is an alternative track that pools from influences like; The Strokes, The Hives & Kasabian. If you are in the mood for a driving track to get your blood pumping before doing things you may or may not regret, then may we suggest this alt-pop punk banger. 

Obsidian PR


Unstoppable Brit rockers NIGHTBLADE are poised to reveal their third album in a remarkable three years. The prolific riff slingers deliver their explosive new album, Hope To Be There, on Friday 9th September. They release a brand-new single and video, No One Is To Blame, which drops on September 2nd.
Continuing to go from strength to strength, the unrelenting rock crew, Nightblade, will now complete an unprecedented trilogy of albums when they unveil their stunning new album, Hope to Be There. The first of their triple-pronged, relentless rock revelation came in 2020 with the release of Ignorance Is Bliss, and then 2021 which brought us Unknown Territories. Even the recent global pandemic-enforced downtime could not stem the tide that is Nightblade’s creative flow.
To date, plaudits have ensued for their last two albums with Powerplay Magazine, Kerrang! Radio, HRH Magazine, RAMzine, ERB Magazine, and Fireworks Magazine, all offering their key backing. The band have also secured strong support from many renowned websites such as Maximum Volume Music, Moshville, Rock N Load Magazine, and Metal Temple, to name just a select few. The persistent rockers’ new album, Hope To Be There, is anticipated to even surpass the broad acclaim received for their previous endeavours.
“We are proud that ‘Hope To Be There’ is the fitting end to the trilogy,” says vocalist Mark Crosby. The new record is undeniably the highlight of a striking series of albums and will certainly spawn a raft of singles. Boasting twelve tracks, the output of this album was fast and furious, and with the addition of guitarist Chris Seldon, the band have a new edge, and a different dimension. Crosby goes on to add: “In true Nightblade style, it’s a diverse album. We thrive on that ‘keeping everybody guessing’ element, but the record still has a real cohesion to it.”
NIGHTBLADE will play a number of dates in support of the album; look out for further announcements via their social sites.
 About the song
“This song is about the breakdown of a relationship through nobody’s fault in particular. They both entered the relationship with best intentions but over the years they have become more like best friends– the love has sadly just dwindled away” – Mark Crosby, 2022.
Musical influences for each band member:
Mark Crosby: Vocals – Influences: Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Sabbath, Pearl Jam
Sam Morse: Guitar-  Influences: Nirvana, Muse, Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones
Chris Seldon: Guitar –  Influences: Joe Bonamassa, Judas Priest
Tim Cutcliffe: Bass – Influences: The Stranglers, Stonesour, Slipknot, Pearl Jam, Discharge, GBH
Rich Lawley: Drums – Influences: Pink Floyd, Beatles, Led Zeppelin.



Originally formed in 2011, Anti-Clone have come a long way since the Axe and Cleaver in Boston.
The nu-metal/ industrial juggernaut released their debut EP ‘Hands Sewn Together’ in 2014 to critical acclaim, garnering reviews in magazines such as Big Cheese and Terrorizer.
Produced by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, Machine Head), his wealth of experience with some the world’s best-known metal bands was invaluable in shaping the fledgling band’s sound.
On the back of this release they went on a full European tour with Ragga metal titans Skindred, exciting audiences from France to Poland and everywhere in between.
Anti-Clone followed up 2014’s ‘Hands Sewn Together’ with 2016’s ‘The Root of Man’, again produced by Hyde. The general reception of the album was fantastic, with a 4K review from Kerrang! and a 7/10 from Metal Hammer, among many, many more.
The success of this album saw Anti-Clone joining such acts as Mushroomhead, Hacktivist, Bleed From Within, and Dope, as well as playing at the 2016 edition of Bloodstock festival, 2017’s inaugural HRH Metal, Amplified Festival, and a headline slot at one of the stages at MacMillanfest.
2017 also saw the band embark on their debut headline, exciting audiences all over the UK.
Major line-up changes saw the band undergo a period of hibernation from 2018 onwards. However, Anti-Clone are very much back in the saddle now with 2022’s comeback release ‘Human’.
Produced by David Radahd-Jones at RED Studios in Manchester, his attention to detail led to the honing and refining of what the band wanted to accomplish in this new phase of its existence.
This release sees the band explore a new more melodic sound, while retaining the cutting edge that established them in the first place. Get ready to experience the new Anti-Clone, and the new world order.
Band members, instruments played:
Peter “CLΩNE” Moore – Vox
Drew “ALPHA” Moore – Drums
William “26” Richardson – Guitar
Pat “KAKES” Godinho – Bass

Mick J Clark

Mick J Clark who is based in London, England. 

After going 3 months without school dinners so he could save the money and buy a guitar, Mick J Clark has not looked back since.

With over 50 songs written and three albums released resulting in a large number of radio stations playing his material, Mick J Clark now returns with his new single This Life Is Unforgiving.

Further information on this along with additional details on Mick J Clark can be found by visiting his website or you can follow him on social media.

Deuce Music

Sean Jeffery

Sean Jeffery is a singer, songwriter and musician based in Worcester. He has been compared to The Flaming Lips, The Dandy Warhols, Mercury Rev, Elbow, and Beck, and his songs have been featured on BBC radio. After releasing two EP’s since 2020, he is now working on his debut album. You can sign up for two exclusive songs by signing up to his web site, links below.


Hailing from Wolverhampton, CIRCA ’94. originally started off as an acoustic solo project by Josh Carter and has gradually evolved into an alt. rock entity as time went on, using music as a catharsis to encapsulate life, death, emotion and personal events.
The CIRCA sound is influenced by a variety of alternative bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, The Wonder Years, Against Me, Nirvana and City & Colour.
Although primary recording up until now has been done by Josh, CIRCA is not a complete unit without Mikey Bansal, Marc Cope and Ben Stanaway. The band are currently preparing for two big upcoming performances – Codfest (10th September) and supporting TIGRESS at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham (18th September). 

Eric Eracleous

First born son of Greek Cypriot immigrants and heavily influenced by the music of the day both Greek and English. I guess it was when I first experienced Rock n Roll guitar and Bouzouki ( Greek mandolin ) screaming through a Fender twin reverb amp that hooked me as a child. Music from both cultures played an important part of my youth. It gave us our identity.

I got involved in bands in my early 20’s and had the honour of being asked to front a few. Several gigs and many years later, and with all those melodies going round in my head I decided to put pen to paper and started writing my own songs.

I found that only in song writing could I really express myself. Its like a vessel for me that speaks truth from somewhere deep inside. When I write I try to write songs that I hope people can relate too. Pooling on my experiences in life’s hardships love and heartbreak.

My vision? A soulful bilingual fusion of blues and Latin grooves that feed the spirt and nourish the soul.

Ally Cribb

Through her music, Ally Cribb has weathered personal storms and troubled
waters when the odds were stacked against her. Her voice is heavy with
soul, and a certain knowing wisdom, that belies her eighteen years.
The Canadian singer-songwriter’s first statement of intent was a
reimagining of Radiohead’s “Creep”, which has attracted over
200,000 on YouTube. Cribb transformed the track beyond recognition,
swapping the guitars for the gravitas of the piano, shedding new light
on dark places.
She followed this with “Bigger”, her first original release, which
spoke to her versatility as an artist by introducing an anthemic ballad
with a strong pop instinct. Produced by her father, a musician and
writer himself, Cribb’s strength has always lied with the intimacy
which she weaves into every element of her music. There was little
wonder, with the indelible mark this debut left on listeners, that she
was made a finalist in the Song Academy Competition in the international
category for her age group.
Her debut EP, Unbroken, however, is an incredibly vulnerable project.
It’s a record of survival after the unexpected loss of her mother, her
music granting her an outlet from the suffocation that follows grief.
Cribb explains: “The songs for Unbroken spilled out onto the pages of
notebooks, scraps of paper and screens over the past couple of years –
a time of intense challenge and inspiration in my life, especially after
the sudden loss of my mom while spending my high school years largely
isolated by the pandemic. Throughout it all, I’ve tried to find myself
through this music.”
The seven original tracks are deftly woven ballads that allow her voice
to stand sharp against stripped-back instrumentals. She pays homage to
the traditional sonic signatures of folk and country, while adding
shades of pop and jazz to make each song as arresting as the last. But
what is most striking about Unbroken is Ally Cribb’s masterful
storytelling; in the vein of Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves, she is
not afraid to feel – but, rather, she feels everything with pride. And
wisdom is her reward.
Despite her age, the accolades for Ally Cribb are tallying up. Her
music, having garnered over 300,000 streams since the release of
“Creep” and “Bigger”, has won the attention of Amazing Radio,
with critical acclaim from the likes of Plastic Magazine and
Lefuturewave – not to mention being championed by Canadian
broadcasting legend Alan Cross and Runrig lead vocalist, Bruce Guthro.
Since she started writing songs at the age of 12, Ally Cribb would
process the turbulence of her life by turning to the piano or the
guitar, finding emotional clarity through creative expression. She says:
“The creative process has been the one constant in my life. I hope
this record can offer some glints of compassion, hope and resilience to
anyone who needs them as much as I have.”


Joanovarc is all about the music and not the individuals. It’s about a family unit of great friends that share great experiences together travelling around the world and meeting great people.
We have had many band members over the years, experienced the highs and lows together, and have many rock n roll stories to tell. Joanovarc has been one big family for over 15 years.
We have had some pretty wild adventures touring, from jamming on stage with Don Powell from Slade to throwing up in ‘Gil Norton’s all-white John Lennon room after too many red wines.
We have memories of escaping a real fire while recording at the famous Rockfield studios with the fire brigade saving us and the most iconic recording studio in the world.
We have dodged missile attacks in the Middle East and experienced touring with metal legends ‘Huntress’ in Sunset Blvd. LA and performing to a fanatical audience in Tokyo.
We have seen it, done it, and definitely got the T-shirt and we hope to write a book on our touring and recording adventures one day.


Missy Balsam

Singer-songwriter Missy Balsam who is based in Florida, USA.

Starting her musical career blending elements of alternative Rock with Sanskrit mantras from the yogic tradition resulting in her debut album released in 2016, Missy Balsam has not looked back since.

Having toured nationally, performing at various Yoga music festivals and mixing her solo career with a number of band projects too, Missy Balsam’s latest music endeavour finds her collaborating with accomplished singer-songwriter and fellow Deuce Act, Tim McGeary with her new single Burn.

Described as being a spiritual rocker with her own eclectic and unique sound, you can find more information on Missy Balsam by visiting her website or you can follow her on social media, links below.

Deuce Music

Brookfield Line

Brookfield Line is a 4-piece rock & roll outfit from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Their piano-driven, harmony-heavy sound draws on popular rock music from the 60’s and 70’s. The band’s energetic live shows feature original material from each of the band’s 3 vocalist-songwriters, arranged in a classic rock and roll style.

Speaking on their new single, the band states:

“We’ve played in a Beatles cover band together for 10 years. When the pandemic hit and we had to stay indoors and could no longer perform, it inspired us to write 60’s/70’s rooted rock music using all 4 of our vocals. And trading ideas back and forth online. It ended up turning into a mini songwriting competition within the band. All 4 of us are a part of popular original bands on a separate level so it just made sense to form our own little local super group and continue to perform. We know over 150 Beatles songs together so it’s also become kind of a thing that after we perform our original set that we do a bunch of Beatles numbers to close the night.

We want people to know that there’s still musicians/bands out there that want to focus on harmony and more than just 1 lead vocalist singing the songs. We believe it adds texture and expands possibilities for delivering different types of styles of rock to the audience.”

Musik PR

MP Grey ft. Rudiger

Producer and songwriter MP Grey who is based in Germany.

Martin Polle, aka MP Grey has created an expanded catalogue of popular crossover hits over the past few years.  

Now much acclaimed in the US and internationally, MP Grey returns with his new single In The Maze (featuring Rudiger) on vocals.

Details on this and more on MP Grey can be found on his website and on social media, links below.

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