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This is a book I have worked on for the last 14 years over coming hurdles from a young age. I became addicted to Heroin at the age of 18 and i thought my life was over, but here i am with a story to be told and hopefully with a message in there for anyone who is struggling with addiction, suicide and depression that there is light at the end of the tunnel. My Journey was not easy and there are scars both phyiscal and mentally to prove it but I am the man I am today because of these times. If this book can help one person then I feel my struggles with addiction wont have been in vain. There has been tears along the way of both sadness and joy but I feel now that i can stop punishing myself a little for things I have put my family through, and as you read my book i hope I have became the man that they can be proud of.

Part One - Why Heroin?

In this first part of Paul’s featured interview, he will be returning to the start of his journey from Heroin to Hero and where it all began.

Part Two - Functioning Addict

In this second part interview, Paul discusses escaping reality and wanting to end it all.

Part Three - Self Destruction

Paul discusses the horrid time when he was on a path to suicide.

Part Four - Next Steps

In this 4th part interview, Paul discusses the power of the mind.

Part Five - Dreams to Reality

From talking the talk to walking the walk.

Part Six - Basic Training

Soldering on & Standing to Attention.

Part Seven - Destiny

From Crash to Discharge.

Part Eight - Full Circle

Breaking the cycle drug free.

Part Nine - Addict to Author

From Addict to Author.

Week 10 - This is not the end

The Show Must Go On.