Sunday11th September 2022 Charity Event for James Brindley at BW Tattoo Studio in Aldridge 10am – 6pm

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BW Tattoo Studio in Aldridge run charity event for James Brindley


We are opening our Tattoo Studio in Aldridge on Sunday 11th September at 10am – 6pm to raise money for the James Brindley Foundation who help families who are victims of knife crime.

Last year we raised £1500.00, and we want to raise as much money as we possibly can this year too.  

Our team of artists are pre-designing a selection of tattoos for you to choose from relating to the cause. 

In August 2020 to August 2021, there was 36,545 offences recorded and this year it has increased by 3% to 37,589 knife crime offences. 

The money raised from this event is going to the @jamesbrindleyfoundation to help them with their new projects to raise awareness to bring an end to youth violence, and to help families who are victims of knife crime.


It’s simple! Get tattooed!! Contact us @bwtattoostudios_aldridge on 01922 277717, or if you visit our website, you can contact one of our tattoo artists directly to get booked in with a deposit ready.

All links to BW Tattoos & The Charity page below.

Craig Startin - Owner & Tattoo Artist

Written by: Derek

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