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Smile Radio’s Song Of The Week – ‘Gifts from the Holy Ghost’ by Dorothy 3rd July to 10th July 2022

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Smile Radio’s Song of the Week, with a new track selected and played across all shows for an entire week, every week! 

Dorothy - 'Gifts from the Holy Ghost'

Dorothy are a band from LA, formed in 2014 and fronted by lead singer Dorothy Martin.

Stating “We wanted to make songs we think Beavis and Butthead would like” when first jamming together – to now bringing out their third studio album.

The newest album (released April 2022), Gifts From The Holy Ghost, is built on triumph and healing experiences, created to unify listeners and share in having a purpose in life.

Dorothy Martin’s life turned around when she stopped using drugs and alcohol along with seeing her guitar technician die of an overdose and then being revived. She mentions that her spiritual awakening came through these events and decided to be a service to other people.

She said: “Instead of what I can get from them, or get out of them. Instead of having transactional relationships, I’m having faith and love and service based relationships. It’s a much better way to live for sure.”

Now, whether you believe in spirituality or not, I think everyone can get behind the message of unity and being of service to other people. And that unity really shines through in the titles track, Gifts from the Holy Ghost.

And that’s why it’s our song of the week!

Written by: Derek

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