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Smile Radio ‘Rock Odyssey’ Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 2022 from 10:30am

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This Bank Holiday 29th August 2022
Smile Radio ‘Rock Odyssey’
10:30am to 6:40pm

Smile Radio 'Rock Odyssey'

The Rock Odessey Voyage Begins 10.30am: Part 1 of 5 through Bank Holiday Monday:


Can you possibly imagine what would have happened if Thomas Edison had not had a Eureka moment and attached a piece of tin foil to some Beeswax and connected up an ear trumpet or Alexander Bell decided against adding a stylus to cut the cylinder,or, Emile Berliner had gone off the idea that the world of sound was not in fact round, but flat….

Well in that world there would be no noise and the bees would go about their daily business uninterrupted by men in white coats demanding more wax.

Without those pioneers what you are about to hear would not exist and neither would Smile Radio.

Can you imagine such a place ?

Luckily, the question can be answered with a firm No.

On Monday, Smile radio will take you on a journey, from the very beginnings of Blues through to Rock n roll, rock and beyond.

Join Bob,Doc,Ben, Derek and Chippy as they collect your boarding passes for an unmissable cruise through time .


Bon Voyage !

Listen in Glorious Sterio on on mobile or PC.

OR via Alexa

Simply ask Alexa:

‘Enable a Skill’

She will ask ‘which Skill’

Just say:…..

“Smile Radio Dot Online”

Written by: Derek

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