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Pagans SOH – The Emergence of Forgotten Power

today24 December 2021 16 3

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The Pagans (Shepherds Of Humanity) are  undoubtedly a band that know how to bring it in abundance, and we’re talking about the good times, the craziness and the music! They do it all in equal measure with some pretty epic results. They know how to enjoy themselves while creating their art and it shows.

One listen to “Emergence Of Forgotten Power” and you can’t help but be drawn into their funky psychedelic, rocking world. The Pagans are a four piece band from West Bromwich made up of  Marcus Lesycsyznski-Hall on Vocals, Daragh Guest on Guitar, Conor Hodgkiss on Drums and Nathaniel Hellier-Allport on Bass.

Their comomorady and friendship shines through in their music. They bring an instant joy to everyone who hears it. It’s music to hypnotize your soul and with lyrics like

“It’s the emergence of reverence for everything pagan,

our lyrics and our sound has made everything forsaken,

it’ll be better when you get an understanding,

that when you hear me your mind will be taken”

It would seem that perhaps this is The Pagans very intention!

The Pagans effortlessly combine punk rock energy interspersed with classic melodies, a psychedelic edge,  all topped off with indie-rap rhymes … you could be forgiven for thinking this is some kind of musical madness, but believe us it works! They’ve successfully combined elements of everything they love into one big melting pot and the result is a delectably delicious new wave genre of something which is  fresh, vibrant and beyond exciting!


They’ve done it! They’ve gone and produced a brand new genre of genreless music and they’re mightily proud of the fact. Indeed they’ve made no secret of the fact and have said that they love it that they can’t be pigeon holed. They’ve had previous press comparisons from the likes of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers through to Prince! There really is no one else like them around.

“Emergence Of  Forgotten Power” was Recorded, Mixed and Produced at Magic Garden Studios In Wolverhampton by Gavin Monaghan.

Emergence of Forgotten Power cover artwork was designed and created by Pablo Fiasco.


Written by: Derek

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