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New Bands Showcase – Tuesday 15th March 2022

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Featured artists - WEAK13, Silverhex, Chaosaroma, Buried By My Heartache, Jack Lloyd, Starry Skies, Robin Miller, Romero, Steven Faulkner, Screaming Earth.

Romero - Broken Son

Christopher C. Romero aka Romero, a veteran of the Denver, Colorado music scene is an actor, artist, writer, director, singer songwriter / multi instrumentalist, producer & former radio personality.

When not writing and performing music, Romero tends to focus on his acting and has appeared in cult classics such as Rob Zombie’s Halloween II and Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead.

Whilst recording and writing for his next release, Romero is plugging his latest offering Broken Son, which is out now on all streaming platforms.

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Screaming Earth - Unmasked Dreams

Screaming Earth are a new art-rock band from Warsaw, Poland, that ask uncomfortable questions.

Their music doesn’t tell you how to live, but they certainly make you think about it. You may say they are dreamers whilst they ask what is happening to the world and the people that reside on it, but just like John Lennon they are not the only ones. They stand out with inquisitiveness and courage.

Screaming Earth’s debut album From Manure To The Stars is out now to buy and stream on bandcamp.

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Robin Miller - Beelines

Robin Miller – Beelines – Released 27th August 2021

Robin Miller was born on South Uist and grew up in a remote part of the Hebridean island of Islay.

Moving to Glasgow in his late teens, Robin busked at night (“I loved the sound of the guitar
bouncing off the buildings and empty streets”) and played with folk bands eventually touring in France and Italy as a session player. His eclectic fingerpicking style became an integral part of multi-cultural Glasgow-based world music act Zuba.

Robin’s solo album ‘Beelines’ features thirteen tracks of deft melody-driven fingerpicking. It is a natural sound with little adornment and an effortless way in simultaneous melody and open-tuned chordal parts. The tracks hint at the holy trinity of 60s British fingerstyle guitar (Bert Jansch, Davy Graham, John Renbourn), display a touch of Hebridean heritage and bring in influences from around the world.

The title track ‘Beelines’ references Robin’s father’s lifelong beekeeping passion. 
“Although the album is instrumental I had fairly clear ideas about what I wanted each tune to say emotionally or in relation to the musicians who have inspired me. I hope that this can be wordlessly conveyed to anyone listening – hopefully the melodies and emotion come across more than the

Starry Skies - Spitfire Suzie

WEAK13 - Joke

British band WEAK13, based in the Black Country, release an over the top punk metal version of the classic masterpiece  ‘(Sittin’ on) The Dock Of The Bay’; their third in a trilogy of cover singles.

Previously WEAK13 have recorded cover songs of ‘Mary’ by French pop band Bops and ‘Halo’ by electronic heavyweights Depeche Mode. The WEAK13 version of ‘(Sittin’ on) The Dock Of The Bay’ is a UK chart eligible single and will be released and available on all major music streaming or download platforms from December 13th 2021.

The trilogy of singles bridge the gap between the debut WEAK13 studio album ‘They Live’ (2017) and their forthcoming double album ‘Aluminum’ set currently for a Summer 2022 release.

None of the cover singles will appear on the upcoming 15 track album which will be filled with brand new unreleased studio work all recorded in Coventry UK at FrEQ Audio Recordings and engineered by John Stewart.

The commisioned artwork for the WEAK13 single  ‘(Sittin’ on) The Dock Of The Bay’ was illustrated by Worcestershire cartoonist and illustrator Andy Meanock.

An astonishing  science-fiction themed music video for ‘(Sittin’ on) The Dock Of The Bay’  accompanies the single  release. Filmed in the UK by Billy Ghuman and directed & produced by WEAK13 band members Wesley Smith & Nick J Townsend.

Silverhex - Demons

With the world becoming seemingly more fractured, Silverhex are driven to break the established boundaries to share their message of hope and unity despite it being a time of great personal sacrifice for everyone Spanning from London to Colombia, Hertfordshire to Catalonia, and formed in 2019, Silverhex set out to create music the way they believe it should be; Evocative, powerful and ultimately fun.

Combining elements of metalcore and nu metal with a melodic punk edged sound and massive stadium rock vocals, Silverhex took inspiration from bands like Killswitch Engage, In This Moment, Pantera and In Flames to forge a sound of pure energy and atmosphere with powerful cathartic lyrics.

Chaosaroma - Afterdark

Chaosaroma are an alternative hard rock band who launched on to the West Midlands music scene in October 2018 as a four piece by releasing their five track self-titled debut EP.

Since then, the band have become a five piece and have developed their sound and have been playing to a variety of different crowds across several parts of the UK.

​The five piece rock outfit are known for their energetic live performance and hard hitting yet catchy set list which creates an exciting atmosphere.

Chaosaroma are now looking to further their horizons for the future by recording new music and playing more shows across other venues in the UK.

Buried By My Heartache - Driven by Pain

Buried By My Heartache are more than just a band, they are a family of brothers, bound by their love and passion of music.

What originally started as a couple of friends jamming some musical ideas, Jason ‘Jazzy Cal’ Joyce and Michael ‘Chippy’ Chipperfield soon realised that the music they were writing had so much more potential.

Joining them was Matt Haynes, Jo Lawless and Matt ‘Munkey’ Wood, the band’s song catalogue soon began to grow and flourish.  Whether it’s Munkey’s powerful vocals, Chippy’s trembling drumbeats or the melody of the three residential string family,

Buried’s love and passion for playing music is shown through their head on spirit and can do attitude.  Having recorded their live EP and played a highly received show in December, Buried By My Heartache are more than ready to bring their music to the world and to a stage near you.

Meet the band

Munkey – Frontman / Vox

Jazzy Joyce – Rhythm Axe and Backing Vox

Jo Lawless – Lead Axe

Matt Haynes – Four String Axe

Chippy – Drums

Jack Lloyd - Human Connection

From Staffordshire, now residing in London.

Making & performing music has always been an obsession of mine, born from when I first saw my father playing his acoustic guitar in our lounge when I was a child.

After playing in a few bands and participating in various musical projects growing up; I decided to take the leap and moved to London in 2015, to become a street performer.

It was so satisfying creating a party out of thin air on the street.

From living in my little bedroom studio, deciding to put all my time and energy into music production, my first singles ‘Ultraviolet” and ‘Human Connection’ were born! The song is heavily inspired by the social dynamic of two people starting a new relationship.

I have a true passion for Rock, Electronic and Indie music so naturally these are songs that I feel reflects my true musical inspiration. 

My journey has started and I’m excited to share with you the road ahead! 

Steven Faulkner - Don't burn the Sky

Hailing from Hinckley, Leicestershire, is back with his brand new single Don’t Burn The Sky, a song of fear, anger and defiance at the situation in Ukraine. Further to the events in Ukraine, the Cold War is back with a mad man in possession of the button.

Rather than go mad at home watching the news, this is Steven’s attempt to articulate his thoughts and fears and turn them into something constructive.

For fans of Chris Cornell, Kasabian, Royal Blood and Nine Inch Nails, Don’t Burn The Sky was released on all digital platforms on Friday March 11th.

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