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New Band Showcase with Derek – 6-7pm – Tuesday 3rd May 2022

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An entire hour dedicated to showcasing Music from  brand new and established, independent artists and bands. Original and covers from both in the UK and Internationally.

To feature on this or any other show on Smile Radio – click on the ‘speech bubble’  at the bottom right of the home page and select ‘I want to become a featured artist’ and follow the instructions or click the tab at the top right of the website home page ‘Become a Featured Artist’.

What we need:

MP3s/WAVS of your tracks

An editable word document with a short bio

Links to social media & purchase/streaming sites

2-3 correctly labelled pictures in PNG/JPG format

You can also get in touch via:

hello@smileradio.online or derek@smileradio.online

JoZie - 'Perfect Enough'

Long Beach, California native, JoZie started singing at age eight, when her dad gave her a karaoke machine for her birthday. She sang her heart out to tunes by Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. JoZie’s dream was to be a pop star one day, performing before thousands on the big stage; and touring with some of her favorite pop female singers. JoZie’s mom and dad gave her piano lessons at age 10, with voice lessons following at 12. When JoZie turned 15, heartfelt melodies and lyrics began to pour from her easily. Her parents and friends realized she had a gift for writing catchy, commercial songs.

At age 18, JoZie moved to Music City, USA, the hotbed home of some of the most talented songwriters and singers in the world. JoZie developed her songwriter craft and singing skills through collaborating with some of Nashville’s finest singers and songwriters. In 2020, JoZie teamed up with hit songwriters, Thornton Cline and Lacie Carpenter to begin writing for her first EP project. She signed a staff songwriting publishing deal in early 2021 and was invited to join the Nashville based record label, Clinetel Records in late 2021.

JoZie’s first worldwide radio single,”My Lucky Song” written by hit songwriters, Thornton Cline and Lacie Carpenter reached number one in February of this year on the Euro Indie Radio Network Top 100 charts and the World Indie Music Top 100 charts. JoZie’s sound captivates audiences with a rare, unique voice like no other. JoZie continues to receive rave reviews from music critics all over the world.

Musik & Film, MAF Promotion

Avanlanche - 'Bottle of Sin'

Avalanche are a 4 piece hard rock/old school rock n roll band from Western Sydney in their 20s, playing heart-racing, gut-busting, roof crashing Aussie rock ‘n’ roll for a new generation.

Their latest EP Second Hand Band has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Fireworks Magazine, Tone Deaf, The Music, The Sydney Morning Herald, and played on TV on 1700/C31 In Melbourne, on ABC Radio, i98FM, Hard Rock Hell Radio and many more all over the world. Their last 3 music videos have amassed over 54k views on YouTube & over 120k views on Facebook. Their latest EP has had tens of thousands of streams on streaming services & they’ve sold thousands of physical copies worldwide.

The band is made up of the husband-and-wife duo of lead vocalist & bassist Steven Campbell; a sheer force of nature, incessantly sweating, running, jumping, and screaming all over the stage whilst stripped to the waist, and Veronica ‘V’ Campbell; a tall, dark and aggressively powerful lead guitarist, often seeing playing her blistering guitar solos on the floor, in the crowd, and even running outside the venue. Then, the incredibly skilled and youngest member of the band; Ryan Roma aka ‘ADHD’ on drums, and rhythm machine and absolute life of the party (seriously, be prepared) Arthur Divis aka ‘the new guy’ (not really) on rhythm guitar.

Avalanche are waving the flag for Aussie Rock, continuing their bloody, sweaty on-stage rampage and winning new fans every time they play.

Emma Scott Mills – Plugginbaby

Ron Bell - 'Broken'

Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, Ron Bell has always said that in high school he played ‘House of the Rising Sun’ and ‘Heartbreaker’ very badly. After retiring in 2010 he wanted to give it another try.

With coaching from his son Scott, he learned to play a few John Mayer songs and then started writing his own.


Following on from his last release ‘Silence in the Sky’, we now have ‘Broken’ – available on all platforms

Matt Fletcher – Obsidian PR & Media

Sonia Grace - 'IG Love'

Kenyan singer/songwriter and rapper, Sonia Grace, has recently discovered a bold new purpose for her music: creating happy, danceable, cool songs for her fans to celebrate returning back to normal…ish.
A master at blending Afro-pop, hiphop, pop and R&B, Grace uses English, Swahili and her native language, Gĩkũyũ, to create catchy, bouncy melodies and brutally honest rap lyrics. In “Eva’s Man,” she dreams of having a modern-day romance that includes some aspects of traditional values. This was the first collaboration with New York producer and composer, Flip My Beatz. Soon after, they released “Bring It On,” a dance anthem encouraging any love-shy person to step out of their comfort zone and let their crush know how they feel.
When “Bring It On” landed on a Spotify editorial playlist, the duo was eager to keep the momentum going by releasing a follow up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Grace was forced to spend almost three weeks in bed after catching the Omicron variant. While her symptoms were excruciating, they never got severe enough to be hospitalized, thanks to being fully vaccinated.
As soon as she got a negative COVID test, Grace jumped into the studio to record “IG Love.” Also produced by Flip My Beatz, the song asks couples to examine whether their relationships are genuine or just “IG Love.” It was appropriately released on Valentine’s Day weekend and has appeared on several curator playlists and a few indie stations.
“IG Love” is also available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Pandora, and everywhere you get your music.

Mike Milan Dedic - 'Run'

Growing up in the west end of Toronto, Ontario Canada, Mike started playing guitar at the age of 12 and is completely self-taught.

Influences – Too many to fully list, but include:

Uli Roth, Rhodes, Van Halen, Ritchie Blackmore & Malmsteen

“I am quite inspired by the world around me & thus draw my everyday experiences from it to incorporate into my music. I try to invoke some sort of emotion out of my phrasings.”

 Single Releases:

Energy – August 12, 2021

Run – May 12, 2020

Shall We Dance Too? – 2019

Launch (Re-Launch) – 2018

 Escape – 2017  

 Album Releases:

Mike Milan Dedic – Self Titled – 2014

Fingerfood album – 1995  (Marshmallow Records)

The Pleasure’s Yours – 1987  Axis Records  (Vinyl Release)


Chloe Collins - 'That's On You'

Country Pop artist Chloe Collins who is based in Nashville, USA. 

Previously promoted by Deuce in February 2021, Chloe Collins now returns with her new single That’s On You. 

Having started singing as a toddler followed by picking up the guitar at the age of 8, Chloe Collins has not looked back since.

Influenced by the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Chloe Collins has already had one of her tracks featured on the ABC family TV show ‘The Vineyard’ and on the 100th episode of NASHVILLE on CMT.

Quoted as being country pop poetry that is reminiscent of the early days of Taylor Swift coupled with the inventiveness of Ed Sheeran you can find further information on Chloe Collins on her website.

Rob Saunders – Deuce Music

The Petal Falls - 'Somebody To Love Me'

‘Somebody To Love Me’ is The Petal Falls first single release from their highly anticipated third album titled ‘Everything About You’ due to be released in September 2022.

The song is an irresistible blend of Hard Rock and Pop with that familiar mixture of brilliantly catchy chorus’s, clever lyrics and maddeningly beautiful production that are the signature of The Petal Falls music.


Chrissy Lemonte - 'Remember My Name'

Chrissy Lemonte is a London born independent singer-songwriter who came to prominence in the UK top 40 Charts with the MOBO nominee girl band ‘Asia Blue’, with one single being the Radio 1 Breakfast Show track of the week.

Chrissy became a solo artist opening at Ronnie Scotts for Beverley Knight.  Her career began writing songs at the age of 7, singing and performing with her 5 sisters, ‘The Mohabir Sisters’ internationally.

Her musical style is primarily NeoSoul/R&B with strong harmonies and her music is inspired by influences in Jazz, Soul and Gospel to name a few genres.  Chrissy has worked with world renowned producers such as George Duke, Mike Peden, Sheridan Tongue, Andrew Franklin and many others,  She was signed by A&M Records in the UK and PRA Records for the USA. 

With this latest single release, “Remember My Name?” from the upcoming EP, written by Chrissy Lemonte and produced by her and Carlton Romillie, her listeners will be in no doubt where she stands on betrayal and encourages you to look past the surface with powerful lyrics like ‘see past my hair, my skin my dress, believe my words and praise my intellect’. “Remember My Name?” demands a response and stirs emotions and memories of ones who may have done us wrong in the past. Whether you are the abused or abuser, you will relate to this one. Chrissy certainly tells it as it is with hard hitting words wrapped around soulful licks and harmonies!

Matt Fletcher – Obsidian PR & Media

Red Ant Band - 'Nothing More'

Blues and Rock outfit Red Ant Band from Norfolk, England.

Writing original music since 2014 that has received airplay globally and helping build their reputation locally and beyond, Red Ant Band now release their new single Nothing More which was recorded at NRSIXSTUDIOS in Norwich.

Rob Saunders – Deuce Music

Darren Holland Project - 'Wasted'

The DHP hail from Grain Valley, MO, and consists of Darren Holland and Cheryl Holland. Their new album is full of a mixture of sounds from our influences throughout the years. Their music is an orgasmic pop sound. Each track will transcend you to a world of musical bliss and keep your feet tapping.

Thank You,

Darren Holland



The DHP hail from Grain Valley, MO, and consists of Darren Holland and Cheryl Holland. Their new album is full of a mixture of sounds from our influences throughout the years. Their music is an orgasmic pop sound. Each track will transcend you to a world of musical bliss and keep your feet tapping.

pMad - ''Broken'

Paul Dillon is an Irish solo artist from Portumna, Co. Galway named pMad.

During the pandemic Paul in collaboration with Zedakube Recording (Ireland), Protonaut Studio (Germany) & Elith Mastering Labs (Mexico) & without ever being in the same room together created ‘Broken’ and his album which is due for release later in 2022.


pMad is ‘Broken’ in some form or another, just like everybody else. Knowing and understanding that we are all ‘Broken’ & being comfortable with that is the way to save ourselves.


Paul has played with bands such as ‘Starve the Barber’ & ‘The Suicidal Dufflecoats’ & is currently a member of ‘The Greeting’ & pMad.

Trying to keep up with everyone else, just leaves us behind, we are who we are – ‘Broken’ and that is ok!

Valley Party - 'Talk Out'

Valley Party is a brand-new group in LA, just some rats from the valley suburbs. We’re definitely not looking for fame on socials, just to play music we love and have a good time. We have been working in the studio for a while, but never published our music…until now. Our first single ever is called Talk Out, it’s a song about the courage to speak your mind. We have more songs planned for 2022 but thrilled to just get this first song out to the world.

CreatorsBarn - Promotion & Networking

A group set up to work with & promote the Creative Arts.

Working with Smile Radio to get you & your Music regular airtime and promotion.

Written by: Derek

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