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Fantastic line up of new artists and bands across a range of genre:

Sonia Grace, Emily Ewing, Picqued Jacks, Silverhex, Black Bear Kiss, Rosanna Lefevre, Alexis Lace, Kates Hillbillies, Sean Jeffery, Garrington T Jones & KUILL

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Sonia Grace - 'IG Love'

Kenyan singer/songwriter and rapper, Sonia Grace, has recently discovered a bold new purpose for her music: creating happy, danceable, cool songs for her fans to celebrate returning back to normal…ish.
A master at blending Afro-pop, hiphop, pop and R&B, Grace uses English, Swahili and her native language, Gĩkũyũ, to create catchy, bouncy melodies and brutally honest rap lyrics.

Piqued Jacks - 'Particles'

Piqued Jacks are pure energy. Alt/rock from Italy with an international appeal. Part of label INRI’s roster, their successes include: opening act for Interpol.

Take a deep three-minute-long breath. The Piqued Jacks release ‘Particle’s, the second single of a journey that is free of constraints or albums on the horizon. It sings of a dream of endless freedom in the style of a ballad that evolves from simple to complex, graceful to explosive, ethereal to impetuous. 

New single ‘Particles’ from Piqued Jacks, was released on March 30th, with an impact date of April 15th and is the follow-up to ‘Everything South’.

From Emma Scott at Plugginbaby

Emily Ewing - 'Next in Line - ft. Carol Hodge'

Emily Ewing a singer/songwriter, originally from Birmingham, now living in Worcester.  I’ve been on the Music circuit for many years now. I’ve had a number of plays on radio such as BBC Introducing, which also includes being Artist of the week with BBC Introducing Hereford & Worcester in 2017. I’ve recorded and released several EPs. 

I have also recorded, backing vocals for Ginger Wildheart and his albums – ‘Ghost in the Tanglewood’ and ‘The Pessimist’s Companion’, as well as various songs for Ryan Hamilton. 

My brand new EP ‘Value of Love’ is out now on all digital platforms. It is my fourth EP released. Amongst some singles and collaborations.

SIlverhex - 'Flesh And Blood'

With the world becoming seemingly more fractured, Silverhex are driven to break the established boundaries to share their message of hope and unity despite it being a time of great personal sacrifice for everyone Spanning from London to Colombia, Hertfordshire to Catalonia, and formed in 2019, Silverhex set out to create music the way they believe it should be; Evocative, powerful and ultimately fun. Combining elements of metalcore and nu metal with a melodic punk edged sound and massive stadium rock vocals, Silverhex took inspiration from bands like Killswitch Engage, In This Moment, Pantera and In Flames to forge a sound of pure energy and atmosphere with powerful cathartic lyrics

Black Bear Kiss - 'The first Time'

Black Bear Kiss guitarist Rob Jones suddenly passed away whilst with his family from an underlying heart condition no-one knew anything about last year. He was just 36 years old and left a young family obviously devastated.

Losing Rob clearly affected the world of those closest to him. We cannot bring him back, but we want to do everything we can to prevent this tragedy happening to someone else. So, we have written and recorded ‘The First Time‘ in Rob’s honour. 

The First Time was released Friday 18th February in aid of Cardiac Risk in the Young with the support of Rob’s family, fiancée and young son. All proceeds will go directly to the charity, so that they can continue the research into heart conditions and to support the families affected, as well as funding its pioneering, UK-wide cardiac screening programme. 

This is our tribute to Rob and we would love it if you could support this single release to raise as much funding for the ongoing research that we can. Just a re-tweet or something similar would be fantastic for the support of this life saving actions. Below are the links to the track which is only available through iTunes and Amazon music to maximise the potential fundraising.

Rosanna Leferve - 'Letting Go'

Rosanna Lefevre is an accomplished independent singer songwriter from the West Midlands, UK. Her international touring and festival appearances have included performances in the UK, USA and throughout Europe within a variety of original and corporate bands. 

As a solo artist, she has independently written and co-produced all her releases thus far, on which she plays multiple instruments as well as lead and backing vocals. Many singles have debuted on BBC UK Radio / BBC Introducing and have been well received.

She is currently working towards a brand-new solo album that is due to be released in 2022 / 2023. The release date is yet to be announced so please subscribe, follow and like her social media accounts to stay up to date with announcements. Don’t forget to tell a friend and spread the word about Rosanna Lefevre if you like what you hear! 

Her music is a mixture of her own individuality and her main musical influences. These include Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, John Mayer, Crosby Stills & Nash, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, plus many more. 

Sean Jeffery - 'Lens Flare'

‘Lens Flare’ is the new single from Sean Jeffery which will appear on his new EP, released later this year.

This release follows the success of his last EP ‘The Universe Expands’

All tracks & EP are available on Bandcamp.

Alexis Lace - 'Remember Me'

Alexis Lace, French dissent, lives in London, she’s an actor/actress as well as a singer/songwriter. Been in a few short films and lent her vocals to an animated project (yet to be named). Heavily influenced by early nineties grunge growing up which is reflected in her music style. Looking to do a piano-heavy album next and possibly alongside another grunge EP/album.

Garrington T Jones - Charlie's Smile''

Garrington T Jones has gained a reputation as a performer of new tradition Blues and Acoustic music. He is a multi-instrumentalist who gives the art of lyrical storytelling, a modern day edge. Garrington has released three studio albums; “Abyssinia” (Oct 2017) and “Dead Roses” (Sept 2019) and more recently “The Odd Box” (Nov 2021). Recorded at The Old Cider Press Studio near Evesham with producer Dave Draper, “The Odd Box” is a mixture of Blues & Country-Blues songs; self-penned and in-collaboration-with other musos & it is recorded and mixed in the new tradition style. Tracks from Jones’s albums are played regularly by BBC Music and on radio stations across Europe and Australia and are available on all the main streaming services worldwide. Garrington has recently released on BandCamp a “seasonal single” called “Ring Out The Changes”. The song has a limited release period and like the Christmas decorations and our New Year resolutions, it’ll be gone by the 12th night on the 6th January 2022.

Kates Hillbillies - 'I Met a Girl'

‘I met a Girl’ is the single released from Dave Lowe & Chris Nott that comes from an album due for release this year.

All of the songs are related to where we grew up – Dudley and The Black Country.

Look out for more from Kates Hillbillies soon.

Kuill - 'Two out of Three Ain't Bad' - Cover of the Meatloaf Classic Track

KUILL, a British songwriter and artist from Leeds UK, combines electro-soul and alternative influences to create ‘elusive pop’.

Here he covers ‘Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad’, which is a modernised version of the Meat Loaf classic track.

Not bound by genre, his focus on melodic and lyrical storytelling enables a sui generis, regenerative sound.

From humble origins in Yorkshire, KUILL has spent years away from social media and releasing music in order to develop his artistry.

From Emma Scott at Plugginbaby


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