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New Artist Showcase with Derek 9-10pm Tuesday 20th September 2022

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An entire hour dedicated to showcasing Music from  brand new and established independent artists and bands. Original and covers from both in the UK and Internationally.

An opportunity for one of your tracks to be  Smile Radio’s ‘Track of the Week’ with your track played across multiple shows for an entire week!

To feature on this or any other show on Smile Radio, simply get in touch via the emails below:


Abby Morain

This song is what we have all been longing for, after two years ofCOVID-19 restrictions, which resulted in our inability to be outside to party and be as free as we wanted to be. After much anticipation, this song was officially released on the 10th of April 2022, and it is now available on all major streaming platforms worldwide.


“Outside” falls into the sub-genre of Caribbean music known as groovy soca, and it is beautifully performed by Abby Morain, who actually grew up on the Caribbean island of Grenada. This rendition is very vocal-centric, soulful and rhythmic, with a very groovy beat that you can certainly bounce to. It is quite catchy and captivating, and it creates an ecstatic mood that makes you feel very festive. This is attributed to the fact that the song tells the story of what the world went through, after facing heavy COVID-19 restrictions for the last two years, which resulted in lock-downs and our inability to party and celebrate as we were accustomed to. Abby sings about the frustration that was faced during the lock-down period, and she reflects on how much life was taken for granted prior to that.  After two years of waiting while governments debated, restrictions have been lifted and we are finally outside; able to party, free-up our bodies and jam on somebody.


Starting out as a cover band in the 90’s Gilad has since created his own musical genre combining his two loves; 70’s Rock and a passion for classical poetry.

Gilad has since gone on to perform on prime-time TV, received national radio exposure, wrote 3 musicals and to top it off received a personal thank you letter for his work from US President at the time, Barack Obama.

Now returning with his second single In My Hometown; taken from his forthcoming album, As Time Goes By,  you can find more information on this and Gilad by visiting his website below.


Going back years when they wrote music together in a teenage rock band in Bulgaria until they parted ways, George George moving to London and Rumen to Germany, it was not until 2022 when a phone call between the two sowed the seeds of the emergence of RADIOGEIST.

After deciding to record one song together with the expert help of professional drummer Julio Baterista, one song became two and two became three until the trio had written enough songs for an album.  

Now releasing their first single Obsession, to coincide with this, RADIOGEIST have started a campaign for Liverpool FC manager and self confessed Rock fan Jurgen Klopp to hear their music with the aim for it to be played at Anfield on match day. 

Further information on this and on RADIOGEIST can be found on their social media pages below.

Edan Archer

Edan Archer’s “The Goddess Wears A Dirty Crown” celebrates women through nature and symbolism of the ancient Goddesses. Re-interpreted verses from a traditional children’s song, an ancient kitchen spell for making butter, and droning harmonies that recall secret Celtic ceremonies combine for an Americana song fit for the Goddess in all of us.

Erin Lilly


18-year-old singer/songwriter, Erin Lilly from Birmingham has an inspiring gift for storytelling her experiences through relatable lyrics with a memorable melody. She been pointed out to have similarities with artists like Billie Eilish and Pheobe Bridgers with focusing on the lyrical aspect of her original music.



I have performed in front of up to 150 people at venues and different events like open days for schools and colleges to show my love for music to any new musicians walking through the doors. My first single ‘first love’ has been played on the radio as well as being one of my most popular tracks on SoundCloud, I also have participated in online concerts/shows back in lockdown on Instagram Live to keep all music alive and flowing around the world.

Fear of Falling

‘All My Time’ is a song that reflects on the short duration we have

available to live our lives to the fullest for a meaningful existence,

within a world that is in a perpetual state of chaos. Vocally the track

delivers a powerful, yet restrained arrangement, reminiscent of a

theatre-like production with highs and lows that take you on a journey

of deliverance … and almost stadium-like anthem, living and breathing

its way through the almost 4 minutes, through the creative talents of

the musicians involved. It’s lifelike in the way that it takes breaths

and pauses, before driving forward and delivering a massive chorus – all

understated by the melodic basslines that create magic.


‘All My Time’ is the first single with new vocalist Ross Harding,

who joins the lineup with drummer Dale Schnettler, guitarist Lloyd Timke

and bassist Brendon McCaig. With this lineup Fear Of Falling begins to

fulfil the full potential of this supergroup. The band can be seen

maturing through its development, and Ross Harding could not have

delivered a better performance on his first single with the band! Fear

Of Falling has skilfully learnt and developed their sound, showing why

they are on top of their game and the Rock Scene in Africa!

Tammy King

The Firing Line by Tammy King featuring Dan Craik. We wrote the song together back in 2016 as part of an acoustic duo we were in called Devils & Dust, however the experience was short but sweet. We went to the studio and recorded a couple of tracks and did a handful of gigs but then work commitments took over so the duo came to an end. We managed to re-connect via social media this year and Dan wanted me to use this song for myself so it got the recognition it deserves. I didn’t want to take all of the credit so we agreed that he would be listed as a featured artist.

The song is about staying creative and not letting anybody put out your fire. My next release is also a collaboration with Dan, which will be out before the end of the year so keep your eyes peeled! 

Tammy King is a 31 year old acoustic singer songwriter from The Midlands, UK. She’s been performing and writing music for 10 years and has played at iconic places such as Godiva Festival in Coventry and Jools Holland’s venue named The Jamhouse in Birmingham. 


Fatal Vision

The future is bright for Fatal Vision. Over 30 years after its inception, the band brings back the epic style of music that has withstood every trend thrown in its path while incorporating modern production techniques to provide a fresh sound. The band once again firing up its engines, giving audiences a taste of what was once standard: great songs, catchy choruses, virtuoso musicianship, a wall of backing vocals, captivating videos and a live band that sets the tone for what has been forgotten in music for so long.
The road has been long for Fatal Vision and the destination is well worth the wait.
About Do You Remember Me?
Simon: “This song was one of the final songs I wrote “back in the day” – it’s a story of unfulfilled love and loss, and time has passed by. In the video version of the song (and my idea for a rock musical), the guy comes back through town, looking at all the old places, and the girl is gone (“it’s not your face in the window / you’re already gone”) and then he drives off and leaves town, but then the girl comes running up behind the car just a moment too late. Or in the musical, humming the chorus…”


Kehinde Oladele Arifayan, professionally known by his stage name Keybone, is a Nigerian independent recording artist, from Lagos, Nigeria. Keybone releases another single titled; “Nigerian Till I Die”. With so many international nationalities scattered all over the world, this is a gentle reminder to them to always remember where they come from and this equally applies to everyone else who is an immigrant. This song has a pop rap vibe and will be available for streaming and download from the 9th of September, 2022.


Alternative rock quintet Psyence release their new single ‘Nobody Understands’ on 9th September ahead of their second album release, Lessons In Forgetting Everything (L.I.F.E) on 30th September 2022.

Written during the 2021 lockdown, ‘Nobody Understands’ is a thumping statement about mental health, containing the lyric:

“My mind is a weapon and it’s built to self-destruct. I am my own worst enemy….”


…reflecting the band’s personal struggles through a challenging period in everyone’s lives in 2020 and 2021. 

Says Psyence:

“Nobody Understands is about mental health and having a daily battle with yourself, nobody will really ever understand what’s going on inside your head apart from you. You’ve gone full circle so it’s time to break the cycle.”
Jay adds: 
“This song is about a weekend out on the razz that makes you question yourself, there’s a conscience in there somewhere.”

Lilith Bee

At the age of eleven Lilith Bee started writing songs and entering singing competitions where she gradually discovered her own unique style of writing about not fitting in and being yourself. 

Since then, she has gone on to record her debut album Before and was the winner of the Song Academy Young Songwriter 2020 award.  In addition to this, her previous material has received widespread radio play on a number of stations worldwide.

Further details on Lilith Bee and her music can be found on her website below.

Mikey J

When Mikey J entered the Lights And Lines #AlbumWritingClub earlier this year he wasn’t in it to win it, he was there for the pure joy of writing and recording new music. Over 50 independent musicians signed up to write and record an album or EP in a single month with some cool prizes up for grabs from the label.

Fast forward a month and we had 26 entries into the ‘Best Single’ category, which went out to a public vote. Mikey J’s My Little Dragon Girl won, gaining a mind blowing 23% of the vote!

As with most of Mikey’s self confessed ‘sappy love songs’, My Little Dragon Girl is an homage to his wife Ella who was born in the Chinese year of the Dragon.

The track features Trumpets by Danny Davis and is Mastered by Light’s And Lines own GRIM17, culminating in a truly superb sound on this lively number.


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Written by: Derek

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