New Artist Showcase

New Artist Showcase 6-7pm Tuesday 19th July 2022

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An entire hour dedicated to showcasing Music from  brand new and established independent artists and bands. Original and covers from both in the UK and Internationally.

An opportunity for one of your tracks to be  Smile Radio’s ‘Track of the Week’ with your track played across multiple shows for an entire week!

To feature on this or any other show on Smile Radio, simply get in touch via the emails below:


Alex Bedford - 'Frozen Here'

Alex Bedford is a Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist from Staffordshire and is naturally gifted with an exceptional voice which captivates an audience. He is extremely creative and brings his own unique style and stamp to any song. Alex has been part of many singing groups since a young age and in 2020 caught the eyes and ears of the team at Spectrum music, a Staffordshire based music production company and Independent Record Label.

Obsidian Media & PR

Autoleisureland - 'KC & The Sunshine Band'

Autoleisureland is a new project by Paul Woods and David Brewis, two founding members of successful and highly-acclaimed soulful pop band The Kane Gang.

Our debut double A-side single Autoleisureland/Fade Out was released in June.

Now KC &The Sunshine Band is the second single to be released from the forthcoming album Infiniti Drive. It also has Autoleisureland’s trademark soulful feel with a chilled, poppy West Coast vibe. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Paul and Dave

FR3SH TrX - 'Better'

FR3SH TrX is the brand new project brought together by producer, guitarist and KHB Music label owner Sven Hessel.  

With chart success already behind him on a number of past projects, plus the success of FR3SH TrX ‘s previous releases  which have received widespread radio play, FR3SH TrX now releases his new single Better

Described as being combining classic House elements and driving beats with modern sounds, you can find more information on this and FR3SH TrX  by visiting the links below.

DEUCE Music & PR

Sean Findlay - 'Bouldersand'

Sean Findlay is a solo artist who has built a name for himself in and around Dundee. He writes songs in many different genres but is mainly noted for playing a retro inspired alternative pop rock influenced by artists such as The Beatles, David Bowie & Nirvana. During ‘lockdown’ he raised his profile massively releasing homemade music videos amassing over thousand views. He has also been gigging relentlessly around Scotland since he started. His most recent music video ‘Ride a Cloud’ is a glam rock track featuring different characters and 60s inspired cross dressing.

New single ‘Bouldersand’ will be released on
Friday 5th August at 00:00 GMT across all streaming platforms.

This is a catchy song about how someone can hurt you in an argument and rather than admitting it, they often choose to dismiss your feelings as unimportant. It’s something everyone can relate to and has experienced at some point or another in their life” – Sean Findlay

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WREX - 'Paradise'

Formed in early 2020 out of a mutual love for music and lust for life, WREX announced themselves in May 2021, and have since released 5 singles that have already held airtime on the likes of Kerrang! Radio, Planet Rock, BBC Sussex & Surrey (Introducing) and KISS FM (remix).

The band produces everything from home with producer George Donoghue (River Becomes Ocean, The Rocket Dolls) at the helm.

For their last single Sleepless, WREX took their blue-collar work ethic to a new level, pushing their boundaries of DIY creation; taking on set design and build, prosthetics, and more for their music video.

ABOUT THE SONG – Paradise:

 Paradise is for those who have, or want, to take back control of their lives. Being in any kind of toxic relationship will take its toll, being told who and what you are, so often that you start to believe it yourself. This song fights the urge to keep the relationship together, whilst knowing that it sure as hell ain’t good! Love/hate at its finest.


WHO: WREX – Mae Seaton (vocals) & George Donoghue (guitar, bass, vocals, drums, production).

 WHERE: Brighton, UK.

 INSPIRATION: Enter Shikari, While She Sleeps, The Cardigans.

 FOR FANS OF: Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon, RedHook


FUTURE PLANS: Our debut EP; Paradise will be out on 29/07/2022, featuring 2 singles to be released over the coming months, as well as a further 2 tracks to come out with the EP.


Live shows are finally in the works! Being a duo, it makes it a little tricky figuring out who does what on stage, but luckily we’ve managed to rope in a few very talented musicians to play with us, so gigs will be on the cards later this year!


Paul LeRocq - 'Rock to the Top'

My name is Paul LeRocq. I´m a musician from Buenos Aires now living in London.

Beginning his first steps in music being the left handed guitarist in a highschool band, then he occasionally took classes but he managed to learn the instrument on his own practicing a lot. The same thing happened with piano.

He also began taking singing lessons at the age of 24 for several years until becoming his own teacher. Besides singing in Spanish and English, he slowly started working with other languages, such as Italian and German in order to grow his repertoire variety and his artist skills.

At the same age he started composing his own material in his native tongue and English as well, until reaching over 100 songs. He has produced his own recording sessions with Mr. Osi Tejerina, CEO of Digital Poley Records, in Buenos Aires – Argentina.

LeRocq has played in different bars / pubs in Buenos Aires, like Mitos Argentinos, Down Town Matías, Speed King, Montserrat, Barocho , John John, among others.

But Paul felt his English music material deserved a chance abroad, so he began the harsh task of looking for music contacts in many different places, mainly in the US, Europe and Australia. With hard effort and investing many years developing his net of contacts, his initial goals were achieved, especially with radio stations and one particular company currently helping him out with worldwide radio promotion: Blue Pie Records, with offices in Australia and the US.

His local efforts led him to sign a digital distribution agreement with Mr. Osi Tejerina in Buenos Aires.

After years of sacrifice, perseverance and good music, Paul LeRocq keeps his beat on with rock´n punk n´ballads, new sound and the strength to carry on.

Benjamin Russell X Elyce X Rob Stuart -'Touch Me Inside'

I am a multi-genre singer-songwriter, painter, writer and graphic artist (I design all my album covers), originally from Saskatoon, a small city in Saskatchewan, a prairie province in western Canada. I now live in Montreal, Quebec. My partner in life and art is Elyce.

I was nominated, “Most Promising Male Vocalist”, in the 80s for my hit single, “Miracle (Miracle of Love)”. I have released many albums, singles and videos.

My songs are wide-ranging in style and hard to pin down, with influences from folk to punk, from rock to jazz and classical. I’ve even made a country album, HALF TON TRUCK. I have a couple of other personas at the extreme ends of my creative spectrum: RIVER OF STONE (acoustic/folk-style), and GURU GROAN (aggressive electronic dance).

I come from an era when it was normal for artists to go where their creativity led them, so I offer no excuse. I may not be as famous as some of my influences, but I believe I deserve the creative latitude allowed The Clash, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Adele and Kanye West.

In 2008, at one of my lowest points, I had the dream which started me painting. I described it to Elyce as being in “water colour hues”. She surprised me by giving me the gift of my first paints. My watercolour and gouache paintings have been exhibited and sold in art shows.

I’ve realized lately that I’m also a poet, and I’ve begun creating Instagram posts with excerpts of poems and lyrics.

ReAnt Band - 'Lay Your Love On Me'

Writing original music since 2014 that has received airplay globally and helping build their reputation locally and beyond, Red Ant Band now release their new single Lay Your Love On Me which was recorded at NRSIXSTUDIOS in Norwich.

Details on this along with further information on Red Ant Band can be found on their websites.


ABSOLVA - 'Addiction'

Absolva get serious with their forthcoming album release ‘Fire in the Sky’ is out now Rocksector Records. Songs such as ‘Addiction’ deals with alcohol and drug problems, whilst ‘Historic Year’ is about the all too familiar effects of the global pandemic.

Frontman Christopher Appleton expands… “Absolva is usually known for the positive themes in our lyrics, yet this time we’ve been drawn toward some darker issues. The pandemic was a rough ride for most people and I personally found it difficult to take, with a mix of effects on my life. Like so many people we suffered the pain of losing a very good friend to the virus and then more generally the negative effects on our music industry as a whole were obviously really bad.”
Nevertheless, the bulldog spirit prevails, not least with the positive energy of album closer ‘Refuse to Die’. Christopher continues… “In the end most of us have things to fall back on and Refuse to Die remembers frantic Friday nights in my hometown Manchester and the wildness of gigs played straight from our hearts. We always strive to savour that energy in our music and performances.”
Certainly, there was much evidence of that energy in Absolva’s live performances in the UK during the latter part of 2021, as special guests with Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden singer 1994-1999). Absolva also double up as Blaze’s backing band.
Guitarist Luke Appleton adds… “I don’t have words to describe just how good it was to actually get out on tour. The tour was not without mis-hap – both our manager and Blaze himself caught the virus part-way through, and we had a crash in the band van on the final weekend of the tour, yet ultimately across the tour we were grateful to only have to cancel one show due to Covid-19. The bulldog spirit shines through!”
‘Fire in the Sky’ bears all the hallmarks of classic British metal that Absolva are known for, plus an even greater level of intensity. Recorded at Rocksector HQ (Manchester, England) during 2021, production is handled by Christopher Appleton building on his experience co-producing Blaze Bayley’s successful ‘War Within Me’ album in 2021, and the album is mastered by Ade Emsley (London, England) who has worked with a host of bands, not least Iron Maiden. The familiar team is completed with a striking cover image, renewing the band’s collaboration with the talented Akirant Illustration (Spain).
The vinyl version is expected July/August 2022, subject to global pressing delays. All bundles are available to pre-order now. More details at
Track listing…
1 Demon Tormentor
2 Burn Inside
3 Addiction
4 What Does God Know?
5 Stand Your Ground
6 Fire In the Sky
7 Man For All Seasons
8 Gall?glaigh
9 Historic Year
10 Refuse to Die
In terms of live shows the band plays in the UK at Hammerfest (Birmingham) on 12th February, Pentre Fest (N.Wales) on 26th February, plus Rockin’ The Bowl festival (Sheffield) on 11th September. In Europe festival appearances are booked for Metal Magic (Denmark) on 7th July and Mannried Open Air (Switzerland) on 12th August. Around 40 club shows are also booked for Europe across March-May 2022 which are under review with promoters and venues, depending on travel and health restrictions.

Rocksector Records

Roi & The Secret People - 'Golden'

Taking their name ‘secret people’ after the revolving door of close musician friends who would step in and play various instruments for the band during their early days in New York City, Roi And The Secret People have now created a version of Rock music that band founder Mike Roi was raised on.  

Having performed at a number of established venues across the US as well as playing at a sold out Musikfest and supporting the likes of Enuff Z Nuff, Quire Boys and Pretty Boy Floyd, not to mention being nominated in several categories at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards 3 years in a row, and receiving exposure on a large number of college radio stations, Roi & The Secret People now release their new single Golden.

Described as creating vibrant and unconventional music , you can find more information on Roi And The Secret People by visiting their website.


Love is Enough - 'Reflection'



Bespoke Media PR

Tommy Stoneberg - 'Breakaway'

Originally from Africa and now living in London, Tommy Stoneberg has been evolving in his music career since singing in the school choir at the age of 7.

Since then he has wrote a large number of songs in styles ranging from Blues to Jazzy Soul to Dance Pop which he has showcased on a number of occasions on the live London music scene.

Now releasing his new single Breakaway, you can find more information on Tommy Stoneberg by visiting his social media sites.


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A group designed to all creative people to show & share their work, collaborate and find work within the Industry, both locally & nationally.

Written by: Derek

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