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Matilda Mother Band.
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Tomi Christiansson is a self-learned guitar player from Finland and he is Matilda Mother band´s composer. The members are Ninel Grönholm and Tomi Christiansson. Artists known as boom bashtic drummer Ninel Wash and multitextural microtonal string maestro Atomic Waldemar.

His main instrument is the electric guitar and especially the melodic, feedback guitar, though most of the recordings have been made with an acoustic guitar, drums, piano, sometimes bass or slide guitar.

The name of the band comes from Pink Floyd´s song Matilda Mother. They have published two LP vinyls: Sähkö and 700Napa-38, digital material more in Bandcamp.

There are two members and they do all the noise and sounds. Music influences vary a lot, but Tomi Christiansson has learned to play by ear at a very early age.

He is listening and processing the harmonies in his head all the time: music is his life and he improvizeses as a method daily and processes new material for compositions constantly.

As improvising is the method in this band, Ninel and Tomi have started to go towards longer pieces choosing one or two themes and varying the instruments while playing.

The moment when the sound is still fresh and not overbaked for some common conception of how music should sound. Some raw but definitely their own unique sound, that´s what Matilda Mother band is made of.

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