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Lauren Grace – Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist

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Growing up in a family that listened to a wide variety of music meant that even from an early age Lauren was exposed to different genres and artists, a different variety of sounds and energies etc. that really fascinated her and she wanted to learn more about what qualities made a song belong to a specific genre, or a specific band.

Around aged 8, after being taught her first few chords from her older Brother, music quickly became an entire identity throughout most of Lauren’s time at school; it was the skill she had the most pride in and resonated with, so it seemed a natural progression to further her music education by enrolling onto a popular music performance course at Walsall College. She made contacts through the college that would later turn into opportunities to work as a professional musician a year or two after leaving in 2013.

Lauren became a self-employed musician when she was 19 and has performed a variety of hotels, ferries and cruise ships, holiday parks, restaurants, bars and clubs in a music career that has spanned so far over 7 years. Lauren’s work sometimes means that she gets the opportunity to travel a lot, her last contract with P&O was a world cruise which had some pretty interesting ports including China, Australia and the States; Lauren has tried to do a rough tally of all the countries she had visited through work and lost count at 30!

Lauren: “If I had to pick a few personal high points from my years of being a professional musician, they’d have to be – at one point in my career I was the only female singer AND guitarist amongst the entertainers in the entire P&O fleet, also performing in front of a handful of celebrities (including Tyson Fury, Roy Walker, Maurice Grumbleweed, Peter Howarth from The Hollies, Jenny Ryan (“Vixen” from The Chase) and more recently in December 2021, being asked to do a support slot for “The South” – a 9 piece band made up of past/present members of The Beautiful South.”

Lauren includes lots of percussive and fingerstyle elements to her playing and mixes that with soulful vocals.

Lauren: “I adore arranging on the acoustic guitar; listening to songs I really like, breaking them down, creating new ways to play them and then also getting to demonstrate those arrangement I’ve created is a real pleasure for me.”

As 2022 approaches Lauren is currently working quite locally on the scene and is seeking to achieve that balance of writing and gigging.

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