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James Bryant – Solo Artist

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Living with the Storm is the electronica project of singer/songwriter Jim Bryant. Currently part of song writing duo Hero Monk and formerly a member of Earth Calling Alice, LWTS is Jim’s solo work where he explores song writing in different ways, through beats, rhythms and textures.

Living with the Storm is the solo electronica project of Jim Bryant, who is also a part of song-writing duo Hero Monk and formerly lead singer of Earth Calling Alice and numerous other projects spanning over twenty years.

While Jim’s primary experience is as a songwriter and vocalist within ensemble groups, Living with the Storm provides the opportunity to broaden his musical ideas and approach song-writing from a very different angle. Whereas before songs would come from the lyrics and vocal melodies, this time around Jim approached his music by building beats, textures and riffs and experimenting with different sounds and movements within the music. Only then would words and themes be applied and, in some cases, not even then. When vocals do appear, they are used sparingly and, hopefully, with greater impact as a result.

Musically influenced by Massive Attack, Orbital, The Blue Nile, Radiohead and Neil Finn in equal measure, ‘The Purpose of the Planet EP’ is intended to be an eclectic and challenging collection of music. The title track deals with wealth and money, ‘Face the Island’ is a reflection on self-imposed isolation (not of the COVID kind…), the instrumental ‘Subliminal’ was named purely for the feel of the music and ‘Pieces That Don’t Fit’ is all about the idea of self. The final track, ‘Don’t Forget Us’, is written about mortality and the need to be remembered. It is dedicated to the memory of Graham Bryant, Will Blackwood and Phil Todd, who will never be forgotten.

‘The Purpose of the Planet EP’ is intended as the first part of a two-EP cycle, the second of which will be released in the New Year. 

Released November 27, 2021

All songs written, performed, programmed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jim Bryant.

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