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Interview with Ross Anderson

Today Ross operates as a speaker, psychologist and consultant who specialises in wellbeing sciences and human optimisation. His key focus is on helping people optimise their minds and bodies so they can realise their potential and live happier, healthier, more fulfilling and successful lives. His current mission is to optimise 1 million lives by 2027 with a vision of transforming wellbeing worldwide.


His training and keynotes have been delivered in 180 countries over 5 continents. He works with several fortune 500 companies, is ACCA Global’s representative for Development and Dell Technologies Ambassador for Mental Health & Wellbeing.


Previously he led a highly toxic life: addictions, overdoses, mental health issues, and faced two years in jail, to name but a few of the many challenges. However, after much exploration, he managed to reclaim his wellbeing and go on a more purposeful path, helping people from all walks of life with his unique systems that combine ancestral philosophy, informed science and real, raw lived experience to provide people with immediately implementable tools to better their lives.


Ross’s work is delivered with the perfect balance of silly, serious and science to entertain, educate and elevate lives. A true experimenter who explores new frontiers and dedicates his time and resources to developing a deeper understanding of his craft in the service of amplifying others.


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Written by: Derek

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