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Featured Artist – Sliverhex – The Unchained Show – Friday 8th April 2022 6:30-9pm

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Silverhex - 'Demons'

With the world becoming seemingly more fractured, Silverhex are driven to break the established boundaries to share their message of hope and unity despite it being a time of great personal sacrifice for everyone Spanning from London to Colombia, Hertfordshire to Catalonia, and formed in 2019, Silverhex set out to create music the way they believe it should be; Evocative, powerful and ultimately fun. Combining elements of metalcore and nu metal with a melodic punk edged sound and massive stadium rock vocals, Silverhex took inspiration from bands like Killswitch Engage, In This Moment, Pantera and In Flames to forge a sound of pure energy and atmosphere with powerful cathartic lyrics.


Written by: Derek

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